01 Materials Feeding

Mix the virgin and recycled materials in given proportion. Then raise the temperature to 170℃ to have the mixture crystallize. Then the material goes into the extruding system with the temperatures reaching around 260℃-270℃.

02 Film Shaping

The materials are drawn by the rollers and compressed into sheets after cooling.

03 Film Incisions

The shaped films are cut according to required sizes.

04 Film Packing

Films are wrapped through a full-automatic system then marked with labels indicating dimension and specification.

05 Film dusting and disinfecting

Films are dusted by an air shower and disinfected by ultraviolet light; then sent into the dust-free workshops.

06 Film Feeding

The film is removed from the outer packaging. Then put into the full-automatic film feeding system.

07 Plastic forming

Films are put into ovens and heated four times. Then they are shaped in the vacuum mould under positive and negative pressure. During this time the mold is cooled using the cool-water-circulation system in the aluminum die. This makes the material cool fast and evenly assuring the high-efficiency of the plastic forming process and the stability of products.

08 Labeling

Automatically labeling with the sensor system.

09 Holing and cutting

Punching holes and cutting with the match metal technique.

10 Quality control and packing

All the final products go through rigid manual inspection and selection before being packed for shipment.

11 Storage

Qualified goods are put into the warehouse according to labels and delivery schedule.